Citations of WALCOM 2008 LNCS 4921 (extracted from Google scholar)

Paper titleCitations
multilevel bandwidth and radio labelings of graphs0
pairwise compatibility graphs31
listing all plane graphs7
on certain new models for paging with locality of reference6
optimal algorithms for detecting network stability1
inverse booking problem: inverse chromatic number problem in interval graphs5
multi-commodity source location problems and price of greed1
linear-time 3-approximation algorithm for the r-star covering problem7
exact algorithms for maximum acyclic subgraph on a superclass of cubic graphs10
four-connected spanning subgraphs of doughnut graphs5
a compact encoding of plane triangulations with efficient query supports11
computing nice projections of convex polyhedra2
guarding exterior region of a simple polygon1
upward drawings of trees on the minimum number of layers4
computing β-drawings of 2-outerplane graphs in linear time2
cover ratio of absolute neighbor3
a fast algorithm to calculate powers of a boolean matrix for diameter computation of random graphs4
indexing circular patterns31
on the approximability of comparing genomes with duplicates16
simple geometrical intersection graphs22
closing the gap between theory and practice: new measures for on-line algorithm analysis5
vertex domination in dynamic networks2