Citations of WALCOM 2009 LNCS 5431 (extracted from Google scholar)

Paper titleCitations
A Separator Theorem for String Graphs and Its Applications54
Foundations of Exact Rounding7
Approximating Shortest Paths in Graphs13
Line Transversals and Pinning Numbers0
Algorithms for Computing Diffuse Reflection Paths in Polygons6
Shortest Gently Descending Paths0
All Farthest Neighbors in the Presence of Highways and Obstacles13
Improved Algorithm for a Widest 1-Corner Corridor1
Maximum Neighbour Voronoi Games4
On Exact Solutions to the Euclidean Bottleneck Steiner Tree Problem29
Colinear Coloring on Graphs0
Recursive Generation of 5-Regular Planar Graphs4
Efficient Enumeration of Ordered Trees with k Leaves (Extended Abstract)8
Generating All Triangulations of Plane Graphs (Extended Abstract)4
Recognition of Unigraphs through Superposition of Graphs (Extended Abstract)15
Random Generation and Enumeration of Proper Interval Graphs13
A Fully Dynamic Graph Algorithm for Recognizing Proper Interval Graphs10
Minmax Tree Cover in the Euclidean Space6
Network Design with Weighted Degree Constraints12
Minimum Cuts of Simple Graphs in Almost Always Linear Time0
The Generalized Stable Allocation Problem4
Crossing-Optimal Acyclic Hamiltonian Path Completion and Its Application to Upward Topological Book Embeddings11
Core and Conditional Core Path of Specified Length in Special Classes of Graphs2
The Planar k-Means Problem is NP-Hard390
On the Computational Complexity of Monotone Constraint Satisfaction Problems9
Parameterized Complexity of Stabbing Rectangles and Squares in the Plane14
Straight-Line Grid Drawings of Label-Constrained Outerplanar Graphs with O(n logn) Area (Extended Abstract)2
Matched Drawability of Graph Pairs and of Graph Triples2
An Improved Upward Planarity Testing Algorithm and Related Applications1
Spherical-Rectangular Drawings1
The Exemplar Breakpoint Distance for Non-trivial Genomes Cannot Be Approximated42
The Minimal Manhattan Network Problem in Three Dimensions12
Shape Matching by Random Sampling7
Object Caching for Queries and Updates0
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