Citations of WALCOM 2011 LNCS 6552 (extracted from Google scholar)

Paper titleCitations
minimum-layer drawings of trees10
on graceful labelings of trees2
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de bruijn sequences for the binary strings with maximum density8
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clustering with internal connectedness0
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multi cover of a polygon minimizing the sum of areas17
range-aggregate queries involving geometric aggregation operations10
efficient top-k queries for orthogonal ranges15
minimum enclosing circle of a set of fixed points and a mobile point2
analysis of gauss-sieve for solving the shortest vector problem in lattices23
efficient computation of time-dependent centralities in air transportation networks5
k-level crossing minimization is np-hard for trees1
inapproximability of b-matching in k-uniform hypergraphs4
the complexity of acyclic subhypergraph problems3
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approximation algorithms for minimum chain vertex deletion1
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the physarum computer0
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geometry and topology from point cloud data0