Citations of WALCOM 2011 LNCS 6552 (extracted from Google scholar)

Paper titleCitations
Geometry and Topology from Point Cloud Data1
The Disjoint Paths Problem: Algorithm and Structure4
The Physarum Computer0
Maximum Betweenness Centrality: Approximability and Tractable Cases21
Approximation Algorithms for Minimum Chain Vertex Deletion1
Oblivious Buy-at-Bulk in Planar Graphs2
The Complexity of Acyclic Subhypergraph Problems3
Inapproximability of b-Matching in k-Uniform Hypergraphs4
k-Level Crossing Minimization Is NP-Hard for Trees1
Efficient Computation of Time-Dependent Centralities in Air Transportation Networks5
Analysis of Gauss-Sieve for Solving the Shortest Vector Problem in Lattices22
Minimum Enclosing Circle of a Set of Fixed Points and a Mobile Point6
Efficient Top-k Queries for Orthogonal Ranges14
Range-Aggregate Queries Involving Geometric Aggregation Operations10
Multi Cover of a Polygon Minimizing the Sum of Areas14
On the Discrete Unit Disk Cover Problem33
Clustering with Internal Connectedness0
Hashed Patricia Trie: Efficient Longest Prefix Matching in Peer-to-Peer Systems9
De Bruijn Sequences for the Binary Strings with Maximum Density8
A Polynomial Time Algorithm for Longest Paths in Biconvex Graphs2
Counting Spanning Trees in Graphs Using Modular Decomposition0
On Graceful Labelings of Trees2
Minimum-Layer Drawings of Trees10
proceeding 20110