Citations of WALCOM 2012 LNCS 7157 (extracted from Google scholar)

Paper titleCitations
calculating average joint hamming weight for minimal weight conversion of d integers1
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drawing unordered trees on k-grids3
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fat heaps without regular counters6
linear time inference of strings from cover arrays using a binary alphabet7
on the hardness of point-set embeddability10
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triangle-free outerplanar 3-graphs are pairwise compatibility graphs15
on the round-trip 1-center and 1-median problems6
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reoptimization of the maximum weighted p k -free subgraph problem under vertex insertion5
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range aggregate maximal points in the plane17
tight bound for farthest-color voronoi diagrams of line segments2
farthest voronoi diagrams under travel time metrics3
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bounding the number of reduced trees, cographs, and series-parallel graphs by compression0
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approximability of stable matching problems1
combinatorial optimization with noisy inputs: how can we separate the wheat from the chaff?0