Citations of WALCOM 2012 LNCS 7157 (extracted from Google scholar)

Paper titleCitations
Combinatorial Optimization with Noisy Inputs: How Can We Separate the Wheat from the Chaff?0
Approximability of Stable Matching Problems1
On Three-Dimensional Graph Drawing and Embedding0
Bounding the Number of Reduced Trees, Cographs, and Series-Parallel Graphs by Compression0
Generalized Above Guarantee Vertex Cover and r-Partization0
Farthest Voronoi Diagrams under Travel Time Metrics3
Tight Bound for Farthest-Color Voronoi Diagrams of Line Segments2
Range Aggregate Maximal Points in the Plane0
Approximating the Multi-level Bottleneck Assignment Problem20
Reoptimization of the Maximum Weighted P k -Free Subgraph Problem under Vertex Insertion5
Comparing and Aggregating Partial Orders with Kendall Tau Distances24
On the Round-Trip 1-Center and 1-Median Problems5
Triangle-Free Outerplanar 3-Graphs Are Pairwise Compatibility Graphs15
On Relaxing the Constraints in Pairwise Compatibility Graphs19
Universal Line-Sets for Drawing Planar 3-Trees6
On the Hardness of Point-Set Embeddability10
Linear Time Inference of Strings from Cover Arrays Using a Binary Alphabet7
Fat Heaps without Regular Counters0
Drawing Graphs with Vertices at Specified Positions and Crossings at Large Angles5
Drawing Unordered Trees on k-Grids3
Heuristics for the Maximum 2-layer RAC Subgraph Problem7
Nash Equilibria with Minimum Potential in Undirected Broadcast Games17
Calculating Average Joint Hamming Weight for Minimal Weight Conversion of d Integers1
proceeding 20120