Citations of WALCOM 2015 LNCS 8973 (extracted from Google scholar)

Paper titleCitations
Encoding Data Structures6
Fast Algorithms for Constrained Graph Density Problems0
The Directed Ring Loading with Penalty Cost0
Edge-Colorings of Weighted Graphs0
Unit Covering in Color-Spanning Set Model2
Compact Encodings and Indexes for the Nearest Larger Neighbor Problem4
A Practical Succinct Data Structure for Tree-Like Graphs3
Forming Plurality at Minimum Cost3
Approximate Distance Oracle in O(n2) Time and O(n) Space for Chordal Graphs3
Straight-Path Queries in Trajectory Data6
Folding a Paper Strip to Minimize Thickness7
An Almost Optimal Algorithm for Voronoi Diagrams of Non-disjoint Line Segments2
PTAS’s for Some Metric p-source Communication Spanning Tree Problems3
Fault-Tolerant Gathering of Asynchronous Oblivious Mobile Robots under One-Axis Agreement27
Enumerating Eulerian Trails via Hamiltonian Path Enumeration0
The Impact of Communication Patterns on Distributed Self-Adjusting Binary Search Trees1
An Efficient Silent Self-Stabilizing Algorithm for 1-Maximal Matching in Anonymous Networks6
Dynamic Online Multiselection in Internal and External Memory3
Competitive Analysis for Multi-objective Online Algorithms7
Simultaneous Drawing of Planar Graphs with Right-Angle Crossings and Few Bends13
An Improved Algorithm for Parameterized Edge Dominating Set Problem8
On Bar (1,j)-Visibility Graphs4
Simultaneous Time-Space Upper Bounds for Red-Blue Path Problem in Planar DAGs2
Non-repetitive Strings over Alphabet Lists3
Dichotomy Theorems for Homomorphism Polynomials of Graph Classes4
Common Unfolding of Regular Tetrahedron and Johnson-Zalgaller Solid5
Threshold Circuits for Global Patterns in 2-Dimensional Maps3
Superset Generation on Decision Diagrams1
On Triangle Cover Contact Graphs4
Logspace and FPT Algorithms for Graph Isomorphism for Subclasses of Bounded Tree-Width Graphs4
Erratum: Competitive Analysis for Multi-Objective Online Algorithms0
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