Citations of WALCOM 2019 LNCS 11355 (extracted from Google scholar)

Paper titleCitations
Graph Profile Realizations and Applications to Social Networks4
Parameterized Computational Geometry via Decomposition Theorems0
r-Gatherings on a Star0
Topological Stability of Kinetic k-centers2
A Linear Time Algorithm for the r-Gathering Problem on the Line (Extended Abstract)2
Maximum-Width Empty Square and Rectangular Annulus1
Hard and Easy Instances of L-Tromino Tilings1
The Prefix Fréchet Similarity0
Probabilistic Analysis of Optimization Problems on Generalized Random Shortest Path Metrics1
Optimal Partition of a Tree with Social Distance0
Flat-Foldability for 1 × n Maps with Square/Diagonal Grid Patterns0
(k, p)-Planarity: A Relaxation of Hybrid Planarity2
Drawing Clustered Graphs on Disk Arrangements1
Computing the Metric Dimension by Decomposing Graphs into Extended Biconnected Components3
On the Algorithmic Complexity of Double Vertex-Edge Domination in Graphs1
The Upper Bound on the Eulerian Recurrent Lengths of Complete Graphs Obtained by an IP Solver0
A Fast Algorithm for Unbounded Monotone Integer Linear Systems with Two Variables per Inequality via Graph Decomposition0
Multilevel Planarity0
Weighted Upper Edge Cover: Complexity and Approximability1
Linear Pseudo-Polynomial Factor Algorithm for Automaton Constrained Tree Knapsack Problem1
Matching Sets of Line Segments0
Efficient Algorithm for Box Folding2
Analyzing the Quantum Annealing Approach for Solving Linear Least Squares Problems6
Greedy Consensus Tree and Maximum Greedy Consensus Tree Problems1
A Two Query Adaptive Bitprobe Scheme Storing Five Elements1
Applications of V-Order: Suffix Arrays, the Burrows-Wheeler Transform & the FM-index0
Towards Work-Efficient Parallel Parameterized Algorithms0
Arbitrary Pattern Formation on Infinite Grid by Asynchronous Oblivious Robots10
Packing 2D Disks into a 3D Container0
Covering and Packing of Rectilinear Subdivision0
Minimum Membership Covering and Hitting0
Capacitated Discrete Unit Disk Cover0
Correction to: Weighted Upper Edge Cover: Complexity and Approximability0
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