Citations of WALCOM 2020 LNCS 12049 (extracted from Google scholar)

Paper titleCitations
Drawing Planar Graphs0
Space Efficient Separator Algorithms for Planar Graphs0
Recent Progresses in the Combinatorial and Algorithmic Study of Rooted Phylogenetic Networks0
Optimum Algorithm for the Mutual Visibility Problem0
Routing in Histograms0
A Waste-Efficient Algorithm for Single-Droplet Sample Preparation on Microfluidic Chips0
Shortest Covers of All Cyclic Shifts of a String0
Packing Trees into 1-Planar Graphs0
Angle Covers: Algorithms and Complexity0
Fast Multiple Pattern Cartesian Tree Matching1
Generalized Dictionary Matching Under Substring Consistent Equivalence Relations0
Reconfiguring k-path Vertex Covers0
Computational Complexity of the Chromatic Art Gallery Problem for Orthogonal Polygons0
Maximum Bipartite Subgraph of Geometric Intersection Graphs0
The Stub Resolution of 1-Planar Graphs0
Dispersion of Mobile Robots on Grids1
Packing and Covering with Segments0
Implicit Enumeration of Topological-Minor-Embeddings and Its Application to Planar Subgraph Enumeration0
Partitioning a Graph into Complementary Subgraphs0
On the Maximum Edge-Pair Embedding Bipartite Matching0
Packing Arc-Disjoint Cycles in Bipartite Tournaments2
Matching Random Colored Points with Rectangles1
Designing Survivable Networks with Zero-Suppressed Binary Decision Diagrams0
Approximability of the Independent Feedback Vertex Set Problem for Bipartite Graphs0
Efficient Enumeration of Non-isomorphic Ptolemaic Graphs0
Faster Privacy-Preserving Computation of Edit Distance with Moves0
Parameterized Algorithms for the Happy Set Problem0
An Experimental Study of a 1-Planarity Testing and Embedding Algorithm0
Trichotomy for the Reconfiguration Problem of Integer Linear Systems0
Train Scheduling: Hardness and Algorithms1
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